Journey To Be A Strong Woman. 

In the beginning you are very tender and delicate. Everything is so new for you. You are excited about every new and different thing. You are literally raw. You seem to be like a new born buttetfly, so beautiful and filled with innocence. 

You meet different kinds of people and they all treat you in a different manner. You learn so many things which you had no idea about, especially the way people now a days react towards things and the way they expect you to react.

There are so many people out there and all being of different traits and behaviour. Some are a little like you and some are entirely different. But no body is exactly like you. 

You, at this moment are a perfect combination of intelligence and innocence. You exactly know what you want from life. You know what your goals are. You are one of the kind because you want to grow in life but along with you, you take others to a different level too. You wish to see everyone of you’ll growing together like a team but unaware of the fact that others are just running a race and they can do anything to rise up and push you down. 

Away from this dirt, you were the girl who kept smiling and creating wonders around. You were one miracle in yourself. Not knowing how jealous people were of you for being smart yet innocent you kept spreading your positivity and that wasn’t very common.

But these people didn’t stop anyway. They kept becoming the hurdles on your path to success. Because of all the dirty games they played you started being hurt, again and again. You were betrayed so many times that finally you started to lose your innocence because somewhere you had to stop them. You had to shut them up and stop hurting you. 

They still didn’t stop, only if they knew they were just making you stronger. This journey from an innocent, pretty butterfly to a strong, bold lioness couldn’t get better if you didn’t have these people around you. 

You finally learnt how to stand alone, fight for yourself but only when necessary. 😊


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