They say, Friends are a Family you choose for yourself.You must have noticed how much people around you can affect you.

There are some people you simply like to be around and some just put you off.

If random people you meet can influence your mood and your behaviour, have you thought about how much your Friends can remould you?

They can literally bring about a change in your beliefs.

When you spend a lot of time with someone you tend to think in the same manner as them. Sometimes you don’t agree to the fact that you are doing so but deep down you are definitely altering your way of thinking which more or less resembles to the way they think.

Your friends can affect your self-confidence in a strong way. Some people with their positive approach build up your confidence by encouraging you and some do that with a negative approach. They always try to put you down, which, if you take as a challenge can really push up your confidence. But there are some who knowingly or unknowingly pull down your self-confidence by constantly poking you and trying to make you realise how wrong and small you are. 

Likewise they affect your behaviour too. The way you think and interpret things has a lot to do with the way you react to it. And all of this does get affected by the group of people you are surrounded with. 

Many people have a habit of making various facial expressions while talking. And when it comes to sharing some low or depressing thoughts, their expressions can eventually infect you with such dark emotions.

This basically means your development will somewhere depend on whom you spend your time with. So take a minute, do think twice and choose your companions wisely. 😊


8 thoughts on “Amigos

  1. Such a beautiful simple short and well written article…
    It explains the crucs of friendship in the beautiful lines explained..
    I like the way it just ends and leave the impression in our mind and helps us to think on those lines…
    Love the way it just is like a breathe of fresh air..


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