A new sunshine, after every rain.

The clouds try hard to sustain the water in them. But at a certain point they have to let go of the water in the form of rains.

Likewise when we hold on to something or someone for too long everything becomes sombre and gloomy just like the climate before the rains.

‘After every rain there comes a new sunshine.’

By the same token when we cast aside from what pesters us there comes a new beginning, a new opportunity.

Similarly let go of everything that is not doing any good because that for sure will create room for something better.

Go out this rainy season. Close your eyes, feel the rain drops touch your face, smell the petrichor, and sense the wind.

Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.


13 thoughts on “A new sunshine, after every rain.

  1. Superb
    Yes njoy t life
    Know throughly what u doing
    Never hv to repend what u hv done
    So think twice before acting
    B proud in what ur doing
    Never leave a single stone unturbed
    Do all to t max effort
    Rest leave to him
    All t best

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