I have always heard polarising notions about a controversial term:


“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.” 

-John Lennon

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” 

-William Shakespeare 

I wondered, if whatever happened with me was really meant to be or was it just my resolution.

I thought, 

What if I wouldn’t have made an effort,

What if, at that moment, I wouldn’t have made that crucial decision that turned my life around,

What if I hadn’t tried once more, and gave up,

‘Would I have succeeded?’

I believe that the will to succeed is inside us. Deep inside, we know what we want our lives to be like. 

Each one of us has the potential to be the best version of ourselves and we are different from another in the path we take.

Instead of comparing ourselves to others, why not focus on what we can do to mould our lives the way we want.

So, let’s discover that resolve inside of us and do our best, and, if all else fails,

Shall we leave it up to fate?

Destiny is not a miracle that will occur if you don’t work towards your future.


12 thoughts on “DESTINY

  1. No u cant leave to fate never

    ……….. LUCK ………
    .. beacuse
    even LUCK has to work ….!!!

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  2. Be grateful for whatever God has offered you today. And you will see that He goes on offering plenty, never a lack. But if you go on seeing the lack, then that continues. Your attention on lack allows lack to continue in life ~ Sri Sri

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  3. Life gives us many options to chose and what has been destined in our life , it will always happen.
    Everything that has happened to you, it was your destiny.
    You just have to believe it and be happy always.


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